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We are underwear manufacturers and underwear suppliers located in Canada. As an underwear manufacturer, we thrive to supply an undergarment that fits the needs of today's active and fashion oriented men and women. We make sure that all our underwear pass the quality, comfort, and fashion tests that are required of today's consumer. The United States and Canada are our main markets for underwear. Whether our underwear be branded or private label, microfiber, cotton, or lycra spandex, we always supply only the best quality underwear at very competitive prices. SNOB, Women's and men's Sportswear and Fashion Lingerie Manufacturing, is a Montreal based company specializing in the fabrication of women's and men's underwear.

SNOB Lingerie has been in business for over 20 years. Customer oriented, SNOB has developed a method of selling our products, which will without a doubt capture your admiration as well as your clientele satisfaction.

We are excited about our innovative products and the methods in which we incorporate creative ideas to improve the solid relationship we have built with our clientele. SNOB believes that the customer deserves to be aware of new products, which would be beneficent to their store's evolution in the market world.